the fj holden panelvan

The FJ Holden Panelvan (FJ-2104) was produced between 9 December 1953 until May 1957 when the FE Van started production, unlike the sedan model, the panelvan continued into 1957.

The History of the FJ HOLDEN

In late 1953 General Motors Holden gave the 48-215 Holden a facelift, the 48-215 was a becoming a bit boring and had a good run since 1948. The 48-215 was starting to show its age. In 1952 the first FJ Holden prototype was manufactured and in October 1953 the FJ Holden was released.

The most noticeable change, was the grille. The vertical slat grill was replaced with a more modern horizontal grille. The detailed front grill included a second bumper bar look that gave it a very sophisticated and elegant look.

changes between the FJ and the 48-215 includes:

  • Cone shaped hubcaps
  • 5.90 x 15 tyres
  • new bright metal body decorations,
  • bumpers and fins on the rear guards (on special models).​
  • new front grille

Engine capacity wasn’t touched but the FJ had a few minor mechanical updates.

But the most exciting news was the creation of the FJ Panelvan.

Holden also planned a Station Sedan (Wagon) which got to the prototype stage but never made it to manufacture.

The FJ panelvan was a success with local business and tradesmen. An option 265 van was also available and was commonly known as a bakers van.

As mentioned earlier the FJ Panelvan (and utility) continued production after July 1956 into 1957 and featured the FE engine numbers with the engine number starting at U2883384


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